Forms and Reports

Hours of Service Violation Form

File an hours of service violation

Download a Locomotive Malfunction Report

Form 575 and 1277

Motel Compliant Form

Motel Commplain Form

Join the BLET

Application to Join the Brotherhood

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Checklist to perform a pre-trip inspection

Federal Regulations

Federal Regulations Concerning EOTs

A summary of EOT Regulations

Federal Regulations Concerning Deadheading while "On the Law"

An article from the international concerning dead heading and how it should be treated

Federal Regulations Engineer Certification

This s a brief summary of the Federal Regulations governing Engineer Certifications

Event Recorder Regulations

A Brief Summary of Event Recorder Requirements

FRA Final Rule on Sanitation

What the FRA thinks about the bad smelling toilets

Laws and Orders

Family Medical Leave Act

Family Medical Leave Act Appliation must contact Human Resources to set this up

Railway Labor Act

The Railway Labor Act. We've all heard about it, now we can read it as it's written

Federal Regulations Engineer Certification

rief Summary of the Hours of Service Law

Event Recorder Regulations

This is the law that changed everything!

FRA Final Rule on Sanitation

What the Feds say about Operational Testing/ Inspections, Operating Practices for handling switches, equipment, and fixed derails

Emergency Order 26- Telphone Usage

Emergency Order Number 26, all about cell phone usage

Summary of the HIPAA Law

A brief summary of the HIPAA Laws

KCS Specific Info

Crossing Footages on S’port Sub

A list of the distances between crossings on the Shreveport Subdivision

A List of Signals on S’port Sub

A list of signals and TWDs on the Shreveport Subdivision

KCS Supplier Discount Program for Auto Purchase

This is how you save money when buying a new car!

KCS Drug and Alcohol Referral Program

KCS' Drug and Alcohol Referal Program. You can refer either yourself or a co-worker with a drug or alcohol problem withou a GCOR Rule 1.5 (Rule G) violation


Miscellaneous Information

Info on FRA Roadway Worker Program

Federal Regulations for the Roadway Worker Program

Final Ruling on Roadway  Workers

FRA Roadway Worker Final Rule Report

Rail Security Recommendations, Post 9/11

A report on the Intercity Passenger Rail Network through 2050

Ten Commandments of a Locomotive Engineer

Written as a general guideline to student engineerrs, but I believe it applies to all of us

Info on Drug Testing

What you should know about Federal Drug Testing Requirements

Information on Short Term Disability Insurance

A short overview of Short Term Disability that is provided through MetLife

Know Your Rights as a Whistle Blower

Good Info on your Whistle Blower Rights