Useful Information


Forms and Reports

HSL Violation
Use this form, and forward it to the local chairman or State Legislative Rep. Let's try to cut back on the so-called "limbo time"

Harassment or Intimidation
File a Harassment/ Intimidation Report
Linked to the State Legislative Board

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Locomotive Malfunction Report
KCS forms 575 and 1277
Vegetation Report
File a Vegetation Report

Report a condition that hinders your view of signals or
crossings due to vegetation

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Unsafe Condition
File an Unsafe Condition Report
Linked to the State Legislative Board

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BLET Membership App
Application to become a member of the BLET
Use this form to report problems at the hotel
Pre-trip inspection

Federal Regulations

EOT Regulations
Summary of EOT Regulations
Event Recorder Regulations
A Brief Summary of Event Recorder Requirements
An article from the international concerning dead heading and how it should be treated.
Sanitation Standards
What the FRA thinks about the bad smelling toilets
Locomotive Engineer Regulations
This s a brief summary of the Federal Regulation
s governing Engineer Certifications


Laws and Orders

Family Medical Leave Act
Family Medical Leave Act

You must contact Human Resources
to set this up
Railway Labor Act
The Railway Labor Act. We've all heard about it, now we can read it as it's written
Hours of Service Law
Brief Summary of the Hours of Service Law that we all work under. Make sure you're familiar with it, so you don't violate it!
Changes to HSL
Proposed Changes to HSL and other safety minded plans

What the FRA is doing and plans to do about our safety
Safety Enhancement Act 2007
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation report on proposed new Hours of Service Law
A Comparison of House Bill 2095 and Senate Bill 1889. How they'll each change the HSL.
Federal Register vol73
65 pages listing changes to the Federal rules Railroad Operating Rules governing
The Program for Operational Testing/ Inspections, Operating Practices for handling switches, equipment, and fixed derails
Federal Register vol73 Summary
11 page summary of the Federal Register vol73 that picks out key points of interest
A Synopsis of the HOSL changes.
This was put out by the BLET UP southern region
Comments made jointly by the BLET and UTU on the recent changes to the HOSL
FRA Emergency Order Number 26. The order banning the use of cell phones and other electronic devices that are deemed to be "distracting"
HIPAA button
A brief summary of the HIPAA Laws. Most of us have heard of them, but don't know exactly what they say. Know your rights!
Frequently asked questions concerning the new Hours of Service Law


KCS specific information

Speak up against illegal or immoral acts!
This is directly linked to the carrier's website, it's their info, not ours!
Eng Certification Exam Review
This is a sheet that basicly covers everything on KCS' certification exam. This was created to help me study, and since then, many others have found it helpful

KCS' Discipline Policy
An outline of the company's discipline policy

revised Disipline Policy.gif
Updated, and in effect as of March 1, 2013
cross foort button

signal list


vehicle info
KCS' Drug and Alcohol Referal Program. You can refer either
yourself or a co-worker with a drug or alcohol problem withou
a GCOR Rule 1.5 (Rule G) violation


The following information provided by farina.jpg Attorneys at Law
the information below contains excerts from their newsletter Straight Track

click on the above image to visit their website

General information about the Federal Rail Safety Act, 49 United States Code (USC), Section 20109

A General Question and Answer about Section 20109

Clarifying Procedures under Section 20109
An article about on duty injuries
OSHA Investigations of whistle blower claims
Federal Law protects local remedies
A report on railroad misconduct
An article detailing what you should do when you've been injured


Miscellaneous Information

FRA Roadway Worker Program
The Federal Regulations for the Roadway Worker Program
Roadway Worker Final Rule
FRA Roadway Worker Final Rule Report
Rail Security Post 9/11
A report on the Intercity Passenger Rail Network through 2050
Passenger Rail Working Group Final Report
A report on the Intercity Passenger Rail Network through 2050
Written as a general guideline to student engineerrs, but I believe it applies to all of us.
What you should know about Federal Drug Testing Requirements
Short Term Disability
A short overview of Short Term Disability that is provided to all of us.

Short Term Disability FAQs
Frequently asked Question about the Short Term Disability.
Lots of good info provided by Designated Legal Counsel
Tavormina & Young
Hours of Service Law Interpretation
An excellent write up by Steve Young on the new hours of service law
Whistle Blower Rights
Good Info on your Whistle Blower Rights
also provided by Steve Young

Good info on what's coming in 2012
with conductor certificaiton

Short Term Disability
This is the actual policy for the short term disability policy that we have provided by the GCA. This was recently mailed out to all memebers.